the lexington minutemen Gallery 2012
  • Weymouth
  • Bath American Museum
  • Avoncroft Training Event

This is a collection of images that were taken of us at the Weymouth Smuggling event that some of us were attending at the beginning of June.
Click on each image to see a larger version. (Thanks to Pat Patrick for the use of his images.)

Present Muskets Militia Advance tea Afternoon Tea 2 More Tea Vicar
Drill Fire street shot Wyemouth March
Mutiny There over there public drill display street fight sequence 1 street fight sequence 2
street fight sequence 3 street fight sequence 4 The Motley Crew Well you know Stroll about town
Aim Fire 18th Century Family Lady about town Reload Prepared
Thank you to Pat Patrick for the use of all the above photos.

Here are several images from the first full Rev War Alliance show that the Lexington Minutemen attended. It was great to see how the group looked and everyone there appreciated the effort that had been put in. Thanks to Stuart of the 47th and the crown forces for organising what was a great event enjoyed by everyone.

lexington minutemen
This was the first training event held by the Lexington Minutemen. Thank you Avoncroft for allowing us to use their site, especially with the short notice give. There was also the 22nd and 17th of Foot, after all you have to have some Redcoats. The weekend was used to practice drill and work out scenarios for the following year. (Thank you to Nick Dunning for the use of some of his Photographs).