Below you will find a list of some of the main items that you will need if you are going to be a Minuteman:
This was a bag that was carried on a long strap that could be carried on one shoulder. In this a person could carry there personal belongings.

A selection of different Haversacks from the left to right:
one made from oil cloth,
one made from waxed cloth,
one made from plain canvas.
This another type of bag but instead of beinng carried over the shoulder it had 2 straps which meant to could be worn like a backpack. It have have had 1 or 2 compartment. Again it was used to carry personal belongings, food, and a blanket.

A selection of knapsacks from left to right:
A double pack made from oilskin, shown open and closed, with blanket stored inbetween the 2 compartments,
A goatskin pack,
a single pack made from canvas with the bedroll hanging of the bottom.
Blanket roll
This was a way to carry your blanket for sleeping, usually by using a tumpline,which allows the blanket to be carried over the shoulder, it can also be attached to the bottom of a knapsack.

Bedroll being worn using a tumpline.


Duringthe period that the lexington Minutemen cover there was a shortage of bayonets so men had to carry alternatives. Generally about a third of the unit should carry bayonets, the rest should either have a tomahawk or a sword that is correct to the 1770's

The left image shows a tomahawk being worn.
The right image shows a cartridge box and a sling which holds a small sword and a bayonet.
Water Containers
Every man in the miltia's and Minutemen had to carry their own water. This was done by having their own water the conatiner. There were three main types of containers. The wooden cheeses box style canteen, the tin canteen and leather bottles.
The left image shaows Examples of a wooden canteen and a tin canteen. The wooden canteens at the start of the war were bound with wood, and this did not start to change until towards the end of the war, when the binding started to become metal rather than wood. The metal canteens are similar to the ones used by the British army.


Miltia also would have carried a cup. This predominantly was a tin cup. It is also possible that they had pottery ones e.g. german westerwald stoneware or Agateware mugs
This is an example of a Tin cup that was available at the start of the Rev War.

Cartridge box

Every man would have a cartridge box to carry his supply of black powder, this would come in the form of paper cartridges that held the blackpowder and lead ball. There was mainly to styles, one that had a shoulder strap and a belly box that was worn on a belt around the waist
  Here is an example of cartridge box with shoulder strap, it also shows the wooden block that is inside the pouch to hold the paper cartridge.