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Weapons of the Minutemen
The primary weapon of the New England Militia was the smoothbore flintlock. Although militia ordinances specified weapons fitted with bayonets and steel ramrods,period references show a large variety were actually in use. These were as follow.
British Military Patterns:
The 1728 and 1756 Long Land Patterns,(Brown Bess).
Queen Anne Pattern.

Captured French & Spanish arms from the 7 Years War:

1728 French
1734 French Marine
Marine St. Etienne
Fusil de Chasse
1757 Spanish
Other Arms
Civilian Fowling pieces
Commercially made pieces for militia use
Some of these not so equipped were updated to take bayonets and steel ramrods.
(We are fully aware many prospective members may already have flintlocks that don't fit the above....talk to us about their suitability...some may pass as commercial weapons.)
While pistols were in use,they should not be used as a primary weapon.
Side Arms
Swords and axes,however,were common...
Hunting swords and military hanger styles,with smallswords for the gentry.
Simple "tomahawk" style with either round or hammer polls are quite acceptable.
Again,contact us if you want details of suppliers that stock appropriate models