who are the lexington minutemen?

Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic re-enactors, recreating the Lexington minute company as it appeared in 1775/1776. Members portray both military and civilian roles, allowing everyone with an interest in the period to join in.
The concept of the minute company in the American Colonies was very similar to Civilian Militia: except that the men were expected to be ready for action with a minutes notice. Each man was expected to provide his own musket, equipment and was asked to attend a drill practice every month.

The Minutemen became the foundation of the American Army and would show there resolve at the Battles of Lexington, the British retreat from Concord to Boston and at Bunker Hill.
As a dedicated re-enactment group, we strive to be as authentic as possible in terms of accurate representations of costume and accoutrements. We wear no uniform and each member is encouraged to research period clothing and equipment appropriate to 1770's America.
The Lexington Minute Company welcomes recruits of all ages with an interest in the American War of Independence and life in the American Colonies. If you would like information on joining the Lexington Minute Company or booking us for an event please email us.